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Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I create an Account?
Go to account at the top right of the screen of our website and choose register. All you need to create an account is: - an email address and a password. We’ll then send you an email to verify your account. -Or you can sign up using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google plus accounts Once your account is set up, you can log in and keep track of all your bookings.
How do I download the app?
You'll find our free app on Google Play and the Apple App Store.
Can I upgrade my car?
Yes. You can upgrade your car before you start your trip. Go to 'Manage booking' and choose a different type of car. Changing the car will change the price. Sometimes, If you decide to upgrade at the rental car company itself, you will pay the rental car company directly.
How do I update my email address?
If you have a booking, just tap 'Manage booking', then change your email address on that booking.
What do I do if I forgot my password?
No need to panic. When you go to 'log in' at the top right of the screen, just tap 'Forgot password?'. We'll send you an email that will let you reset it.
Can I get a refund if I returned my car early?
Unfortunately, in most casesrental cars companies can’t refund you for any part of your rent that you don’t use. This is because they have committed to the whole booking on your behalf, and the rental car hire company will have been expecting the car to be used for the whole period. They will have planned their cars and parking needs around the original booking.